Functional Gym Towel - Black/Red

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Artikel Beschreibung

Functional Gym Towel - Black/Red

  • Functional Back Flap
  • Soft Fabric
  • Moisture Absorbent
  • Large Gorilla Wear Logos

The name gives it away, this is not just a gym towel, but a very functional one! This convenient accessory will become your new best friend in the gym. The towel is designed with an additional flap on the back. The extra flap keeps the towel in place on angled and vertical surfaces, such as during incline bench presses or seated shoulder presses. In addition, the flap can also be used on flat surfaces, for example, at the bench press. Should you use the towel during exercises on the floor you will not be bothered by the extra piece of fabric on the back. In short, you can use this towel with any fitness equipment or exercise. The top of the towel and the back flap both feature a large classic Gorilla Wear logo. It's made of soft cotton that absorbs moisture well, so there's no reason not to sweat it out! Our Functional Gym Towel has a size of 50 centimeters x 100 centimeters (20 inches x 40 inches).

Art.no. 9916090509
Color: Black/Red
Quality: 100% Cotton, knitted
Size: 50cm x 100cm (20 inches x 40 inches)


MarkeGorilla Wear


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